Friday, March 1, 2013

We have joined the NLNOG-RING!

Hi everyone,

Great news! We are proud and excited to announce that yesterday we applied, and were subsequently approved, to join the NLNOG-RING ('The Ring'). It is, in essence, a distributed network used for diagnostics, where users donate nodes (or servers) to the ring, and in exchange get access to all the other connected nodes. This enables network administrators to quickly perform ring-wide traceroutes, pings and other diagnostics from one shell, as opposed to logging into multiple networks.

More importantly, The Ring functions as a circle of trust amongst network operators, enabling members to gain access to network nodes normally off limits to them. We believe that participating in the Ring enables us to further contribute to the networking community, as well as gain valuable resources for diagnostics and monitoring of our network, AS48285.

For more information, please visit The Ring, and check our Google+ site for more frequent updates: Google.com/+robtex

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