Monday, October 22, 2012

...back in action.


After an exceptionally long hiatus, blog.robtex.com is finally back in action. Our friends over at Google+ have already interacted with us for a couple of weeks now, but we figured we should revive this blog, too.

We are currently working hard on implementing new features. Among other things, robtex.com will soon support IPv6 and 32-bit autonomous system numbers (ASN). In addition, we're also planning a major step in the history of robtex.com, the details of which have yet to be announced. For now, please keep your eyes fixed on this location.

Oh, and don't forget to circle us on Google+, where we interact with our users and share tech-savvy links. We would love to see what you guys enjoy reading, so please circle us and share away. :-)

All the best!

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