Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Corrupted Pages

Some pages in dns area got a bit corrupted due to problems with one of the API:s.
We have fixed it now however popular pages could still be cached in frontends.
If you stumble into a result page that looks uglier than normal, please do reload and it will hopefully refresh correctly from backend.

Thanks G7W for reporting!


Friday, April 2, 2010


We just launched a bookmarklet.
Drag this robtex bookmarklet to your bookmark bar, and you can access the corresponding robtex.com data from any website you visit by simply clicking on it!

BGP import

Currently started a new BGP import for AS Analysis .
Some dumps are unfortunately missing, but it has been two weeks since last update, so we think fresher data is needed.

robtex.com finally blogging

Ok. Finally we are blogging. We needed some way to publish news, and why write your own blogtool when there is blogger.com?

We are constantly adding new information to the site and trying to improve all aspects of the site. Yes, including the graphical design, which according to your feedback really is bad. :)

Anyway, we hope this will be a nice addition to our services, where we can bring you news, and you can request more features.

Best regards

the robtex team